Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farewell my friend… Ode to my shoes.

This week saw some milestones and some things coming to an end.
After nearly 3 years (35 months) I’ve reached 4,000 miles. Not real impressive due to low mileage that first year, but still cool. Between now and September I’ll add another 1,000 miles easily. I’ve averaged around 4 miles a day for the first 3 years, but now I’m running about 50 per week.
This week I realized my favorite shoes don’t have many miles left in them. The heel has worn a major angle in them. All 4 pair now logged more than 300 miles. I haven’t had to buy new shoes for quite some time. You’d know this by walking into my condo and seeing 10-12 pairs of running shoes in the entryway. My favorite pairs are my Asics Nimbus 8’s. Specifically I liked the copper / gold colored pairs of which I’ve had 5 now. I’ve also had white and blue, and plum (purple).
The purple are a funny story. I buy them for around $75 on eBay instead of paying $120 at a shoe store. I’d buy them there, but they now longer make them. So I couldn’t find the grey and copper ones anymore and I hate white shoes. I opted for buying women’s 11-1/2 to match my men’s 10’s. The euro equivalent is 44 on both of them. The last pair I found that I like was also women’s. They are white and GREEN. Love green and my idol Steve Prefontaine wore green at Oregon. I’m training to run my fastest marathon on May 3rd in Eugene Oregon, exactly where “Pre” ran. So I’m sad to see my “golden boots” (copper) go. I’ll probably clean them up and put them on a shelf. The last 2 pair where given away to my brother to loaf around or garden in. They are in perfect shape as long as you aren’t running 13+ miles in them. I ran my 3 and only marathons in those shoes, so they are special to me. Hmmm, maybe I’ll take my copper shoes that look gold and have one bronzed……

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