Thursday, June 4, 2009

Running Medal Hanger Display (Running Medal Display)

This week we released the latest version of my running medal display hanger that I had made last year. The original one did the job, but the new one is thicker, sturdier, and better designed.
There isn't really a good medal hanger out there, hence why I designed my own.
Since then they have become pretty popular in my running community. The other ones cost to much and look cheap. I am proud of my running medal display.
We can custom make anything you want really.

I have also made a few here and there that were custom. It’s a great artistic outlet.

Online catalog for purchases found here......


  1. those are great. I'll be putting in my order via paypal tomorrow night (payday!)

  2. that rocks! great idea, and beautifully designed.

  3. How could I order the Runner medal hanger?



  4. how do i order? thanks.

  5. If I order, how soon can I get one of these hangers?

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